ContextLogic Inc (NYSE: WISH) was the third most mentioned stock in the r/WallStreetBets community on Monday night followed by AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc (NYSE: AMC).

The stock is popular among retail traders due to its underlying statistics:

  • Float: ContextLogic has a relatively small float of 362.37 shares.

  • Ownership: The stock has a bizarre ownership level with 93.66% of its float tied up in the hands of insiders and institutions. Institutions own 89.24% of its shares and 4.42% are held by insiders.

  • Short Interest: As of July 30, 29.12 million shares, meaning 19.02% of ContextLogic’s float are held short. This number has increased substantially from the 20.98 million shares that were held short in June.

The number of shares held short could have increased further after the e-commerce company gapped down about 25% after reporting a massive earning loss on Aug. 12. The stock then bounced at a support level created in the pre-market on Aug. 13, but on Monday ContextLogic received a number of analyst downgrades and traded back down toward the level.

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The ContextLogic Chart: ContextLogic has a newly created support level at $6.71. On Monday the stock traded down to test the level as support and it held. On Tuesday it tested the level again as support and bounced upwards from it.

ContextLogic has a huge gap above between about $7.87 and $9.32. Gaps on charts fill about 90% of the time so it's likely the stock will trade up to fill the gap in the future.

ContextLogic is trading below both the eight-day and 21-day exponential moving averages (EMAs) with the eight-day EMA trending below the 21-day, both of which are bearish indicators. The stock is also trading below the 50-day simple moving average which indicates longer-term sentiment is currently bearish.

The relative strength index (RSI) on the stock is has been measuring in at about 28% since ContextLogic gapped down Aug. 13. When an RSI measures below 30% the stock is considered to be in oversold territory which is a buy signal for technical traders. It's likely ContextLogic’s RSI will correct back up above 30% in the near future.

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  • Bulls want to see big bullish volume come in and drive ContextLogic back up toward a resistance level at $7.52. If it can regain the level as support the stock could move up higher toward the $10 level.

  • Bears want to see big bearish volume come in and drop ContextLogic’s stock down below support at $6.71. If ContextLogic loses the level as support it there is no further support below in the form of price history. $6 would be a lower psychological support level.


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