New Senior Investment Group (NYSE: SNR) is a publicly-traded REIT or real estate investment trust. The portfolio features a diverse range of senior living communities across America. At 103 properties in 36 states, the company has cut a large swath through the industry, increasing value for shareholders.

Step 1: Open up a brokerage account.

When you are ready to invest in New Senior Investment Group, you must choose the appropriate brokerage. Use this list from Benzinga to choose the brokerage that suits your needs.


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Step 2: Select your number of shares.

You must decide how many shares you wish to purchase. You can set a budget, dedicate your budget to SNR stock, or divide your cash among several stocks. You can also choose your level of investment based on the movement of the stock, the volatility of the market and any current events involving the company.

Step 3: Choose an order type.

You must choose an order type that suits the situation. Most people use a market order where you buy or sell stock at the current price. Limit orders impose a limit you set, like the price of the stock, before you buy or sell.

There are other order types including:

  • Stop-loss, to prevent mounting losses

  • Stop-limit, to secure profits before the price drops

  • All or none, meaning you only complete the order if you can buy the requisite number of shares

  • Immediate or cancel, where the transaction does not process if it cannot be completed immediately

Step 4: Execute your trade.

When you execute a trade, the money enters or exits your account instantly. You can see the results on the dashboard, and you can determine which transaction you should make next. The immediacy of online trading ensures you can quickly make decisions, change your mind and/or monitor your progress in realtime.

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