Bridgeline Digital offers a unified and scalable platform for businesses managing websites, intranets, eCommerce, web content, marketing, social media and more. Recent news of its partner network winning site search licenses is driving prices higher.

Step 1: Open up a brokerage account.

When you decide to invest in Bridgeline Digital stock, you must open a brokerage account to purchase and sell your shares. When you visit one of the brokers listed below, you will add your personal information for tax purposes, use a bank account or card to find the account and use your dashboard to manage your portfolio.


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Step 2: Select your number of shares.

The number of shares you purchase should correlate with your budget. You can earn money from your investments, but you must set a budget so that you can coordinate your spending. You might spend all your investment cash on BLIN, but it makes more sense to diversify, spend a little cash on BLIN and use the rest of your money for other investments.

You can also measure the number of shares you need based on:

  • Market volatility

  • The stability of the company

  • Market price

  • Current events

Step 3: Choose an order type.

The order type used helps you manage these investments through different market events. Common order types include:

  • Market order, buying and selling at the current market price

  • Limit order, buying and selling at a price you set ahead of time

  • All or none, only purchasing the number of shares ordered and no less

  • Immediate or cancel, only making the transaction right away while prices are stable or canceling the order if that is not possible

Speak to your broker to learn about other ordering options that could benefit you.

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Step 4: Execute your trade.

After executing your trade, go back to your account dashboard. Check to ensure that your trade is complete and you see the appropriate results in your account. If you just made money on a sale, consider how to reinvest that cash. If not, watch your investments so you know when to tell and turn a profit.

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