Activist group Animal Rebellion has blockaded four McDonald's Corp (NYSE: MCD) distribution centers in the United Kingdom.

  • The group is calling attention to the role that raising livestock plays in climate change and is pushing McDonald's to transform into an all plant-based company by 2025.

  • Protestors are using trucks and bamboo structures to disrupt McDonald's supply chain, Animal Rebellion said in a statement.

  • Animal Rebellion says McDonald's is "just a symbol of a much bigger problem, the entire animal agriculture industry."

  • The group says a transition to a plant-based food system is needed to stop the climate crisis and end the suffering of animals.

  • McDonald's is frequently a target for activists given its size, brand recognition and emphasis on beef. Cattle-raising uses huge amounts of land and is among the main reasons behind deforestation, including in the Amazon rainforest. The meat and dairy industry also is a major source of greenhouse gases, in addition to having a reputation for factory farming. Campaigners point out that the land could be used much more efficiently to feed people by using it for plant-based food.

  • The group's blockade began on Saturday. The activists plan to stay for 24 to 48 hours.

  • McDonald's has 1,300 outlets in the U.K., according to the BBC.

  • McDonald's U.K. office told the BBC that it is "assessing the impact" the protest is having on supplies.

  • The company announced in November that it plans to introduce a plant-based burger called the McPlant.

  • Beyond Meat Inc (NASDAQ: BYND) co-created the plant-based patty that is to become the McPlant, Beyond Meat said at the time.

  • McDonald's plans could extend to chicken and breakfast sandwiches as well.

Photo courtesy Animal Rebellion.

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