Osmotica Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: OSMT) is a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The company focuses on women’s health, neurology and generic drug formulations.

Osmotica Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: OSMT) 36.7% Change

At press time, OSMT was up 1.04 after remaining flat for much of the week. The stock nearly reached $5.00 after the announcement of a major acquisition. The stock, however, fell slightly where it currently sits around 3.88. Year-to-date, OSMT has remained in the nearly $5.00 to just under $3.00 range.

Why is OSMT Moving?

OSMT stock recently saw massive gains after it announced the purchase of Alora Pharma out of Metro Atlanta for $110 million. With the purchase including a manufacturing facility, Osmotica is positioning itself to grow in the immediate future.

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Data for Osmotica Pharmaceuticals as of June 25, 2021

Summary of Osmotica Pharmaceuticals as of June 25, 2021:

  • Price Change: $2.84 to $3.88

  • 52 Week Low: $2.74

  • 52 Week High: $9.67

  • Market Cap: $242.1M

Significant Dates for Osmotica Pharmaceuticals:

  • Next Earnings Date: 8/10/21

  • Last Earnings Date: 5/13/21

  • Ex-Dividend Date: No upcoming dividends

  • Dividend Payment Date: No upcoming dividends

Technical Data of Osmotica Pharmaceuticals as of June 25 2021:

Story continues

  • RSI: 77.04 ⮕ Neutral

  • MACD: Signal Line Buy Over MACD (0.03) ⮕ Bearish

  • Bollinger Bands: Price $3.88, 20-Day SMA $2.94, Lower Band $2.78, Upper Band $3.10 ⮕ Neutral

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