Say hello to better water. Fully customizable and designed with precision, the WaterMax is user-friendly and gets you fresh, softened and filtered water from every tap in your home, every time.

A Unique Way To Treat Your Water

With our patented three-compartment design, the WaterMax can remove hardness, foul smells, bad tastes, cloudiness and discoloration from your water in a single compact system. Your dishes will be cleaner, your clothes softer, your hair shinier and your skin silkier.

System Specs
Dimensions: 38” x 30” x 15”
25-Year Limited Warranty


WaterMax Outperforms The Competition

  • Computerized, fully customizable controls
  • Built-in, self cleaning filter (no filter replacements)
  • Softens & filters in up to 80% less time
  • Uses up to 50% less refrigerant
  • Uses up to 80% less water
  • Reduced scale on plumbing


The WaterMax® provides a unique water treatment solution because it is customizable, to address specific water problems.

Three separate compartments allow the WaterMax to be customized for your specific water treatment needs.

This flexibility means that instead of using multiple units to treat your water, you can meet all of your needs in one highly-efficient water treatment system.

Three Compartment Design

Untreated tap water problems typically include noticeable objections, such as bad taste, odor, and discoloration.

It is also common for tap water to seem fine, when it actually contains problematic elements such as calcium, magnesium, chlorine, or lead.

Custom Media Solutions

Every WaterMax is built with Fine Mesh Resin and Bacteriastat, to protect the development of bacteria.

The three compartment designs allow for the use of additional custom media options to address specific treatment needs.

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