Are you struggling with constant rust stains in your sink or on your laundry? Even though your water looks clear, it may be bringing dissolved iron into your home. Removing iron and sulfur no longer requires harsh chemicals or complicated equipment. Hague’s Iron Filter uses nature’s own oxidation process to remove the iron, so you can enjoy your water again.

  • Cleaner Plumbing — filtration media traps iron and removes it from your water before it enters your pipes.
  • No More Staining — protects every tap, shower, tub, and appliance from rust stains.
  • Self-Sustaining — no need to replace a filter cartridge; the system refreshes itself.

System Specs:
Dimensions: 10”x 62” or 13″x62″
Lifetime Limited Warranty



Yes! The best way to treat your water is to know exactly what is in it so we can customize a solution to fit your needs.
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Yes, the Hague Iron Filter provides iron-free water throughout the home to protect all of your plumbing, appliances, and fixtures from rust build up.

The Hague Iron Filter is self-sustaining, using only air and water to flush the filter media. This regeneration process means the same media inside will last for the life of the product. No filter replacements needed!

The Hague Iron Filter does not require to add salt or any other chemical additives. This low-maintenance design provides worry free filtration for the life of the product.

We warrant our water filters to the original owner, at original installation location, when installed in accordance with manufacturer specifications from the date of original installation as follows: For the LIFETIME of the original owner: Media tank, except for damages due to freezing, high pressure (120 PSI and above), extreme temperature (100° F and above) or a vacuum on the system. For a period of FIVE YEARS: Complete valve. For a period of ONE YEAR: All other parts and components.

A water softener is the most effective way to treat hard water. The softener reduces amounts of magnesium and calcium that cause hard water by removing those minerals through a process called ion-exchange. The resin inside a water softener works like a magnet to collect the positively charged minerals.

A water filter removes unwanted contaminants through the use of a filter media that is designed to address specific elements. Filters work more like a net to capture the particles they are designed to remove. Multiple types of filtration may be necessary, depending on the composition of the water.

No, the Hague Iron Filter uses a chemical-free oxidation process to remove iron from your water. A column of air is used to oxidize dissolved iron in the water to form a particle that can easily be caught by the media below.

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