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What Is In My Water?

What scientists say?

Consuming and using clean water is the key to achieving good health. It is crucial to not only drink but also use pure, healthy water for our daily activities, such as bathing or washing. Comprising nearly 60% of adult body weight, water is essential for homeostasis and metabolism in all organ systems. Exposure to harmful contaminants and toxic substances in water poses serious risks of health hazard and neurological impairments.
Madina Sokolov, PhD in Neuroscience


How Do We Use Our Water?

Water is an everyday necessity. We don’t only use it for drinking but also for cooking, bathing, and washing clothes. The kind of water we use for these purposes affects our health and wellbeing in some way or the other.

You obviously want to feed your family healthy food that’s been cooked using safe, pure water. You also can’t compromise on the health of your skin and hair by using chemical-infused water.

Especially when pure, healthy water runs through your home systems can you cherish about yours and your family’s optimal health. Start thinking of water as something more than what you just drink.



Bath & Shower


What’s in Your Water
Does your water smell or taste different?
Chances are that it is not pure and healthy.

Here’s what your water may contain:


While these nitrogen-oxygen compounds are essential for plant growth, they can contaminate your water when accumulated in access. Nitrates can easily enter the groundwater you use through fertilizers, septic tank leakage, and animal waste.


Free chlorine is used as a potent disinfectant in water systems for killing harmful bacteria and preventing disease transmission. However, in excess, it can produce toxins in drinking water making it unhealthy for use.


Lead is a naturally-occurring metal that helps in the making of pipes, batteries, and paints. Plumbing fixtures and old lead pipes and faucets can make its way into your drinking water. This might make the water harmful to drinking.


Improper application of pesticides while trying to control the growth of weeds, mold, bacteria, insects, and rodents can cause it to enter the water system. Rainfall and soil can also contribute to this.

Did You Know?

Learn how much water we have in our bodies:


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About Us

Alpine Perfect Water Technologies is a customer-centric company in Florida that strives to provide you with the best and most innovative pure water solution for your specific needs. Our topmost priority is to bring the most cost-effective option that the market has to offer instead of just selling our product. With our high-quality water analysis and advanced filtration systems, you can rest assured that you and your family will drink and use clean, healthy, and contaminant-free water.


Trust built through more than 50 years of experience


Why Choose Us


Neither we are associated with any factory, nor do we function under any brand name. Our sole purpose is to help you find the ideal pure water solution and service premium-quality products for you.


Professionals belonging to the healthcare, sports, and beauty industry rely on Alpine Perfect Water Technologies for access to pure, healthy water.


Our team of water experts is certified from Florida Water Control to ensure that they’re capable of taking care of your water needs. Their knowledge and skills are tested on a regular basis to provide you with the best possible experience.


By installing our water filtration system, you can save plenty of money in the long haul. With unlimited access to clean water, you don’t have to buy low-quality water bottles after every few days that falsely claim to contain pure water.

With our water systems, drink healthy and save money!

Our body is composed of 65-75% water. The type of water you drink and use in your day to day life affects your health, energy levels as well as your skin, nails and hair. Quit the use of water in plastic bottles. It has been proven to have negative effects. It also may increase the risk of diseases in both children and adults.
Besides, 8 million metric tons of plastic are thrown into our oceans. This is the leading cause of pollution and climate change.
Together we can save ourselves, our families, and our planet. We need to act NOW.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

  • Lorena

    Florida is known for its bad water. Alpine Perfect Water Technologies took care of my whole house solution in just 2 days. I do recommend them with all my confidence.

  • Steven

    My daughter was struggling with her skin and hair because of the poor water quality. She convinced me to find the best solution. So we did with Alpine Perfect!

  • Liubov

    Alpine Perfect proved their cost effectiveness. I know how to count my money for sure. And now, I am saving even more while being healthier and smarter!

  • Dmitriy

    Nothing is more important to me than my family. We’re happy that we found the right solution for us. Me, my wife, and our son are forever grateful. We highly recommend Alpine!

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Our Ready-to-Use Solutions

Tell us about your water concerns and we’ll provide a ready-to-use solution to suit your needs.

Drinking Water Systems

Our drinking water systems ensure access to cleaner, purer, and clearer water so that you and your family remain healthy and happy all year long.

Whole House Systems

This filter is connected directly to the main water line to fight contaminants in all water in all the water dispensers in your house.

Commercial Water Filtration Systems

Offering a wide range of water filtration systems, we will improve the quality of water in your offices. We take pride in using the most advanced technologies to promote the health and wellbeing of your employees.

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Based on your specific needs and requirements, our experts will determine the best water filtration system for you that suits your budget.


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