Chinese bitcoin mining firm BIT Mining delivered its first batch of 320 machines to Kazakhstan after its Sichuan operations were suspended.

  • The publicly-traded company (NYSE: BTCM) expects to deliver another 2,600 machines before the start of July, it said in an an announcement Monday .

  • The firm’s remaining machines will also be shipped overseas.

  • The mining machines already shipped have a theoretical maximum hash rate capacity of 18.2 PH/s.

  • The move to Kazakhstan came after BIT Mining received notice on June 19 that the power supply for its Sichuan data center would be suspended by the state energy regulator.

  • BIT Mining’s data centers in Sichuan contributed around 3% of its total revenue in May.

  • With China’s recent crackdown on the crypto mining industry, companies are looking to migrate elsewhere. Along with Kazakhstan, BIT Mining has also invested $25 million in a new facility in Texas.

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