Headquartered in San Francisco, Marin Software Inc. is a NASDAQ-traded, SaaS and online advertising firm providing online ad management tools and support.

Marin Software Inc. (NASDAQ: MRIN) 52.63% Change

MRIN is up 52.63% (0.90) at press time. The stock appears to be continuing an upward trend after spiking overnight, falling and regaining traction.

Over the past year, the stock has been up and down, in large part due to competition from other marketing companies and support systems. Even so, Marin’s latest news improved confidence among investors.

Why is MRIN Moving?

MRIN stock is trending up after the company announced plans to add Instacart management to its flagship platform known as MarinOne. You can check out Benzinga News for more information.

Where to Buy Marin Software Inc. Stock

Choosing the right place to buy Marin Software stock is just as important as investing and diversifying your portfolio. Check out our top brokers so you can buy into MRIN today.


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