There are several great reasons to add real estate to your investment portfolio, including consistent passive income and appreciating property values.

While being a landlord may not be appealing to everyone, the online investment platform Arrived Homes is offering a new way to invest in rental properties that doesn’t require any property management headaches or a hefty amount of capital.

How The Platform Works: Arrived Homes finds and acquires profitable residential rental properties, then offers shares of the properties to investors with a $100 minimum investment.

The company handles the operational headaches involved with managing rental properties while investors collect their dividends and wait for the property to appreciate in value over time.

There are currently three offerings on Arrived Homes that are open for investment.

  • The Cupcake: A 1,401 square foot home in Farmington, Arkansas built in 2021. The company expects the property to rent for $1,550 per month.

  • The Basil: A 1,261 square foot home in Easley, South Carolina built in 2016. The property is currently leased and collecting $1,495 per month.

  • The Wentworth: A 1,450 square foot home in Farmington, Arkansas built in 2021. The company expects the property to rent for $1,550 per month.

View current offerings on the Arrived Homes platform.

How to Invest: Potential investors can view details on the current offerings as well as reserve shares of future offerings by signing up on the Arrived Homes website.

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While real estate crowdfunding is giving individual investors access to private deals that have historically been out of reach, many of the most lucrative deals are fully funded before the average investor ever has a chance to get involved.

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Photo: Courtesy of Arrived Homes

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